Holy Facebook, Batman!

Holy Facebook, Batman!

So, I knew when I posted about cancer on Facebook, it would probably get a bunch of responses. I mean, my cat gets likes. I figured cancer would get a few comments. 

Holy shit, guys. 

I have an amazing family and friends I wouldn't trade for the world...but I wasn't really prepared for that kind of outpouring of love and support. 

Don't get me wrong. I am fully aware that people love me and care about me. Never had a doubt. 

We all get involved in our own little world, though, and sometimes likes and reactions on Facebook become a method of communication. I'm totally guilty. I suck at remembering to wish people happy birthday--and then I worry I'll wish someone a happy birthday and forget someone else and they'll notice and be offended, so I just don't do it. Me over analyze? Nah. 

Because we all have fights we're fighting, I guess I didn't expect so many personal responses to my little post. And then my family shared the post, and now people I've never met are praying for me. 

This is truly humbling. 

I just wanted to write a quick note to thank you all for making sure I know what I'm fighting for and reminding me how #blessed I am to have you all in my corner. 

Okay, that got really sappy. I'm leaving you with a cat story. 

The Amazing Rando has a reputation for being less than friendly. In all fairness, he lived in an apartment with just me for basically his whole life, and he's afraid of everything. Life with the dog and more regular visitors has helped him a lot. 

Regardless of his reputation, my cat loves me. He's a great snuggler, and he and I communicate pretty clearly, given he can't actually speak. 

Rando has a new habit. When I get up to go to the bathroom, the kitty follows. He comes into the little toilet room (there's a door separating it from the rest of the bathroom) and he sniffs the toilet, then lets me sit down. He then rubs against my leg and sometimes tries to sit up on his hind legs to touch my face with his paw. After he gets a quick pet, he goes to the door and sits outside, facing the bathroom door/bedroom. If the dog comes in the room (which he often does) looking to raid the trash can or eat my colloidal oatmeal bath, the cat stares him down and "protects" me. 

I have a guard cat. 

He waits for me to wash my hands, and he walks out of the bedroom with me. 

I have the best cat and the best friends.

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Transfusion #4, A Port, and Dammit I'm Tired.

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